Ahmadinejad’s Latest!

Farheen Anwar | Head-Set Option | Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Does he think he is Macho Man or does he really think his witty sarcasm will divert Western attention away from the Iranian nuclear program?

I must applaud Ahmadinejad’s untimely sense of humor though, for releasing ‘the 15 detained British sailors and marines on Wednesday as an Easter season gift to the British people.’ He also jokingly mocks Prime Minister Blair’s government by asking him not to punish the sailors for having recorded the ‘truth’ on taped confessions in Iranian detention. Where will this ridiculous satire get him? But more importantly, where does he want it to take him?

The Western world has not and will not easily forget his childish fun-poking; ‘Satan inspires Bush’, ‘Britain Arrogant’ and ‘Israel acting like Hitler’ are only few of the many blatant name-calling incidents tied to the Iranian President. What makes him think that denying the holocaust and wanting to wipe Israel off the world map will do him any good? All he manages to do is continuously attract more attention towards their nuclear program which is already under the Western World’s critical eyes. His unfaltered belief in upsetting the world’s most powerful lobby is sinking him and his country deeper into the invisible quick sand better known as the “War Against Terror”!

Kudos to his bravado, but nonetheless, he should really watch his back. Afterall, the Iranian nuclear program in its small-scale entirety is ‘ever so harmful’ to the greatest nuclear power on the planet!


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