Love to See You Cry

Nauman Shah | The Observation Deck | Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

“President Pervez Musharraf on Monday accused opponents of using his ouster of the chief justice to conspire against him and said he would weep if “lies and deception� prevail in the crisis threatening his grip on power.

In a defiant speech, Musharraf defended his government’s record and accused unidentified opponents of hijacking a purely legal issue, allegations that Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry abused his office, for their political ends. “They are conspiring against me and want to incite the people,� Musharraf told hundreds of supporters at a rally of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League in the earthquake-hit Mansehra, broadcast live on state TV.

“That will be a day of grief for me if these lies and deception triumph over truth and reality … That will be a very sad day for Pakistan and the point where I will cry,â€? he said. He insisted the party could still win year-end parliamentary elections.â€?

Pervez Musharraf is in public campaigning overdrive these days yet the snake is not showing any signs of shedding his second skin. The General overdid himself by saying that “he’ll cry if the CJ wins�. Seeing Musharraf cry will be the sight that will give immense pleasure to many Pakistanis, besides, obviously the Indians.

Musharraf is making a banana republic out of Pakistan. He has perfected the art of making issues out of non issues like that of Jamia Hafsa’s just to divert the attention of the people from another issue: the Chief Justice fiasco, and then he has the audacity to say that he is trying to promote the softer image of Pakistan.

To take this promotion to the next level butchers from MQM are hired just to stop the Chief Justice from speaking at the cost of innocent lives. To top things off, the dapper Shaukat Aziz condoles with the Chicago-taxi-driver-turned-politician-turned-Godfather Altaf Hussain. But it is a relief to know that at least someone, the British media, has started pursuing the ‘Godfather’.


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