Musharraf the Spark Plug

Nauman Shah | The Observation Deck | Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Does anyone remember what happened on 2nd July 2007 (just two days ago)? If yes, then one must be sane enough to know what happened on the 3rd of July (yesterday). Have you though that why it happened on the 3rd? Why not on 1st July?

General Pervez Musharraf is like a spark plug, like in a petrol engine. A spark plug produces a spark to combust the fuel in the piston cylinder. Musharraf works like a spark plug. He produces a spark every time the piston gets near enough, he sparks a debate until the next piston cycle because if he doesn’t, the engine will stop and so will he.

General Musharraf has just pulled his biggest Attention Diverting Maneuver (ADM) or fraud after his claim to fame. This time around, although he over did himself, the end was very anti climactic.

His latest ADM was the Jamia Hafsa attack. If anyone thinks that the whole Jamia Hafsa phenomenon was (as it’s over now) the prelude to Talibanistaion in Pakistan, he is dead wrong. It is nothing but another detour for the gullible Pakistani mind. A detour from what happened on 2nd July, 2007, the day the official wizard of Pakistan, the man who can easily be dubbed as the father of almost all the governments of Pakistan, Mr. Shareef-ud-Deen Peerzada, who is the Governments Lawyer, took a beating from the Supreme Court Judges. The Supreme Court threw out the scandalous evidence presented by the Government lawyers against the Chief Justice and banned the entrance of the Intelligence officials into the court room.

The drop scene happened when one of the men in command of Jamia Hafsa, Maulana Abdul Aziz, was caught while escaping and that too clad in a Burqa effectively ending a bad joke no one understood except the spark plug.

Numerous incidents of similar nature have taken place during this agonizingly long regime. Kalabagh Dam, Wana, Damadola, Baluchistan uprising, Bugti and countless other incidents or rather dramas which took place just to make the minds wander. Is there a season for uprising in Baluchistan? Or are the Marri and the Bugti tribes on vacation these days somewhere in Europe? Isn’t there a need to finish the Kalabagh Dam debate once and for all instead of using it for ADMs?

The answer is that there is a season of uprising and there isn’t a need of finishing any debate because it is due to these issues that Musharraf and his government lives to die another day.


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